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Helping A New Business Succeed

Rob Huntbach set up his waste milk collection business in early 2016. When milk processors refuse the odd batch of substandard milk, farmers call Rob. Instead of seeing their milk go to waste, Rob collects it and turns it into curd in his dairy before selling it on to be made into cheese powder, flavourings or spread.

From the outset, Rob has advertised his business, in The Farmart as it perfectly suits his target market of dairy farmers within a 50-mile radius.

“The majority of my business has come from advertising in The Farmart. Farmers often forget to put my phone number in their address book, so we need to be in the magazine every single month so customers can find us.

It’s a great magazine, not only to work with as an advertiser, but also as a dairy farmer. When I need to purchase something for the farm, it’s the first place I look because it’s such a great source of suppliers. The business has considerably grown in the last few years and especially on the production side, which means we have more of a demand for milk and the Farmart has helped us with this, benefiting both us as a business and the farmer who calls.”